12 December 2012

It's the End of the World (as we know it)

I haven't seen the movie but apparently 2012 is a big year.  There isn't much time left so I thought I'd better check things out.  Wouldn't want the impending apocalypse on 21 December 2012 to take me by surprise ... or wait, isn't that a good thing? 

There are a lot of theories about but most people seem to blame the Mayans ... for not buying a new calendar now the old one is about to run out (or something).  A little annoying at times, and potentially confusing, but not much of a basis for a disaster movie.

We still have the 2011 San Diego Zoo calendar up in the kitchen ... the animal photos are really good and I never managed to find the 2012 version.  I'm pretty sure we still managed to make it almost all the way to 2013 without the world ending (so far, so good).  

Luckily NASA came up with a nifty website to explain why the apocalypse just isn't going to happen.  The small flaw being that a scientific explanation probably won't be all that convincing to those that believe the end of the world is imminent (as opposed to believing that it'll get a whole lot hotter by the turn of the century).

And now they've produced a video to screen on 22 December 2012 ... "why the world didn't end yesterday".  Watch it now in case it does! *

* just kidding, I've already bought all the Xmas presents 

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