09 April 2012


Nice joke EA ... but you're a few days late with the April Fools prank!  Seriously, we didn't need the cupcake bra with strawberry nipples.  Serves us right for joking about it, I guess.  Wait, is this a choc chip cookie  on her head?

Anyway, thank you for bringing us die-hard KP fans with no sense of humour.  Killing off Sims in interesting ways has been light entertainment since the game started.  But suddenly speculating on the forums about how you might kill off a  KP Sim amounts to a death threat.  Methinks some people just loves the draaaaama (yawn).   BTW should she ever find her way into my game then it will be death by cow plant I promise. 

And congratulations EA on being awarded "Worst Company in America" and for your humility in response.  Just the kind of thing that shows why you won it in the first place.  I didn't vote in the poll but I'm voting with my wallet since it's probably the only feedback you understand. 

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