10 November 2011

Stuff That

I decided a while ago that I'd only buy new TS3 releases when they reduce in price (preferably to at least half-price).  Not a boycott, more of a go slow.  If EA can't be arsed fixing their game or even providing any kind of proper customer support, why should I bother rushing out to give them money?  

Clearly wise to my stalling tactics, EA have now released a stuff pack that's worth even less than half price.  A bed!  A chair!  A bath!  Lots of undies!  Meh ... they're not even trying any more.  Even the smiley-face jocks are too little, too late.

Master Suite Stuff may be the first release I don't buy at all (not that I have TLS or Pets yet but I intend to eventually).  Catloverplayer is welcome to my copy. 


Zeriday said...

i might get this one, for only one reason. i need to stabalize my game. its been very wonky and CTD since pets, and im just hoping a new installment will help 'balance' things out. i had a similar problem with the game after HELS or ambitions i think.. and it eventualy worked out. so.. heres hoping. .. as for the stuff pack itself.. meh. i dont usualy go out of my way to buy those things

Wibs said...

"Catloverplayer is welcome to my copy." LMAO! It's like they finally listened to all of his suggestions with this one.

miss_tickle said...

Exactly! Though wouldn't it be easier just to fix stuff than try to satisfy us one simmer at a time?

miss_tickle said...

Knowing how my game wobbled after Late Night, I'm not looking forward to adding Pets. Not that I should worry too much ... I think the real trouble actually comes with the patches. By the time I installed Generations, most of the annoyances had made themselves known so I knew what to expect.